Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating


Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating

Free Diabetic Recipes eCookbook from

Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating

Welcome to the ultimate starter kit for low sugar recipes with our first free eCookbook, Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating. In this diabetic cookbook, we'll show you some of our favorite diabetic recipes from healthy appetizers to mouth-watering main dishes to tasty, low sugar desserts. Everything is made with the Mr. Food Test Kitchen's "Quick & Easy" cooking style. It's healthy cooking made to fit your schedule which is just how we like it!

We know that it can be difficult to find low sugar recipes that are both appetizing and are easy to make. We here at the Mr. Food Test Kitchen believe that you shouldn't have to give up all of the foods you love just because you're starting to take up diabetic cooking. Healthy eating doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, we think it can be fun! When you hear about the low sugar recipes we feature in this free diabetic cookbook, like our Old-Fashioned Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast and our Crispy Golden Chicken, you'll realize that you don't have to sacrifice any of the foods you love. One of our favorite features about our new diabetic cooking site is how we've included the nutrition information for each and every recipe, so you can keep track of exactly what you're eating. Healthy eating has never been easier (or tastier!). Want to get a sneak peek at the incredible diabetic recipes we feature in this free eCookbook? Keep reading to learn about all of the different recipes for healthy eating that you're going to get. Enjoy!


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Download your free copy of Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating today.




Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

Order up 'cause breakfast is on the table! Breakfast is one of our favorite meals of the day. Whether we're prepping for a relaxing Sunday brunch or we need something quick to grab before we leave for the day, this free diabetic cookbook has breakfast recipes with low sugar that'll still give you the energy you need to get your day started off right. If you thought that diabetic cooking meant you had to give up cinnamon sweets, think again! Our recipe for Old-Fashioned Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast (page 1) is one of our all-time favorites and acts as proof that you can still eat all of the foods you love — even on a low-sugar diet. If you're used to hitting the drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich, we've got a healthy alternative with our Apple Muffin Stack (page 2). The combination of cinnamon and applesauce makes this healthy recipe a tempting option. If you prefer a saviorier affair, our Cheesy Spinach Quiche (page 3) ought to fit the bill. This low sugar recipe tastes best fresh from the oven, so make sure to eat it while it's hot!

Diabetic Appetizer Recipes

We're hitting the munchies! Whether we want some bite-sized snacks for guests or we're looking for some healthy cooking recipes for everyday munching, this diabetic cookbook has plenty of healthy appetizer recipes that everyone will enjoy. We especially love cooking with seafood when we're looking for recipes for healthy eating, not only because of all of the vitamins and minerals, but because it actually fills us up! We start off with a tantalizing recipe for Mini Crab Cakes (page 5). All of us at the Test Kitchen love it when we can find a diabetic cooking version of a restaurant-style recipe, and this one definitely fits the bill. Crunchy with a burst of flavor, we bet you won't be able to eat just one of 'em! If you're looking to show your friends and family your sophisticated palette, we think you ought to try our low sugar recipe for Veggie Stuffed Mushrooms (page 6). Dainty, yet filling, these scrumptious bites look much more difficult to make than they actually are.


Download your free copy of Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating today.







Diabetic Dinner Recipes

At the end of a long and difficult day, no one wants to sit down to a flavorless, unrecognizable meal just because they have to adhere to diabetic cooking standards. Have no fear because the Mr. Food Test Kitchen's array of dinner recipes use everyday ingredients that you know and love while still helping you lead a healthy eating lifestyle. For a healthier version of your favorite fried chicken, we suggest checking out our low sugar recipe for Crispy Golden Chicken (page 9). With some easy substitutions, you can still eat one of your favorite chicken dinners, guilt-free! For those days when you need just a little taste of home, our diabetic cookbook has just the solution with our easy recipe for Homestyle Beef Stroganoff (page 12). Creamy and hearty, this is healthy eating at its finest, bringing you the comfort of Mom's cooking while allowing you stick to your diabetic diet. And when you get tired of some of the bland tastes of ordinary low sugar recipes, try out our dinner recipe for Spicy Baked Linguine (page 15). With just a few simple ingredients, you too can turn dinner into an experience... all while still sticking to your commitment to healthy eating!


Diabetic Side Dish Recipes

While we love the main course, sometimes our favorite part of a meal are the sides! We always feel better about our meal when we can work in some veggies which is why we feel great about our Baked Balsamic Asparagus (page 18). One of our favorite parts about this recipe is its cooking method. We wrap up the veggies in a foil packet, and stick 'em in the oven until they're cooked through. See, diabetic cooking can be fun, too! If you're looking for a side to pair with your homemade takeout, our diabetic cookbook has a wonderful recipe for Fantastic Fried Rice (page 16). And if you're looking for a healthy eating recipe for those French fries we know you love, try out our low sugar recipe alternative, Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries (page 17). Pair 'em with your favorite burger or sandwich recipe for healthy cooking with a smile.


Download your free copy of Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating today.







Diabetic Dessert Recipes

Worried that diabetes is going to prevent you from enjoying those desserts you've always loved? Well, with our selection of low sugar desserts, you won't have to fret about a thing. Diabetic cooking can include some of your favorite guilty pleasure treats too like with our dreamy, chocolate Almond Fudge Brownies (page 20). Whether you're looking for a heavenly, late-night snack or a potluck dessert to share with your friends and family, this healthy eating version of a chocolatey treat is a surefire winner. If you're looking for some fruitier fare in this diabetic cookbook, then our Easy Peach Cake (page 23) will brighten your spirits. With a light 'n' fluffy texture, this low sugar dessert recipe will satisfy that sweet tooth with ease. And for all of those peanut butter lovers out there, don't worry because we've got a soft, gooey recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies (page 24) that you won't be able to believe. Healthy eating really can be that good!


Download your free copy of Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating today.







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As a fan of the Mr. Food Test Kitchen's Quick & Easy cooking philosophy, I know you can see the value in this free ebook. Try out these easy diabetic recipes with our free diabetic cookbook, Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating. Once you subscribe to receive our newsletter, you'll see how much fun it is to be a part of the Everyday Diabetic Recipe community! If you've ever searched for quick and easy recipes, fast dinner ideas, slow cooker recipes or anything in-between, let deliver triple-tested recipes straight from our Mr. Food Test Kitchen that are both easy to make and delicious to eat. Check out this free diabetic eBook and the site to draw tons of inspiration for your next holiday or meal!


Download your free copy of Healthy Diabetic Cooking: 21 Diabetic Recipes for Healthy Eating today.







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Not To Miss http// == diabetes-friendly-desserts.html Having diabetes doesn't mean you can't enjoy all the yummy desserts you loveduring the holiday season!It's no fun to turn down decadent desserts due to blood sugar concerns.Take back the holidays by whipping up simple,delicious treats that evoke the spirit of the holidays without sacrificing flavor. Get ready to say "Pass the pie, please!" and feast on just a few of these mouth-watering recipes.

I love these recipes. Thank you for sharing x

Thank you for your comment! We're glad to hear you enjoy the recipes! :)

Thank you for the recipes.

these recipes are great, will help in meals for my husband who has been a diabetic over 35 years. great addition and wonderful new ones to try. Thanks.

I love it, my husband has been diagnosed recently so this will really healp.

great ideas

Me thinks it's time to give some of these diabetics recipes a good spin... right into my mouth. I just became hungry as all-get-out!

They really like peanut butter cooks so I am going to make this week end. Thank you for sharing all of the nice recipes with us all. I am glad I joined to get them all.



very educational

it great because im a diabetic thank you

I have diabetes. Thank you for the download diabetes cook book

I think it is a great cookbook. Thank You

Good ideas to cook and eat healthy

With both my Husband and I being diabetics, this willl be a good for both of us

Looks very promising

I do appreciate the newdiabetic cook book especially because my wife has diabeties

looks promising

Not everyone feels comfortable using sugar substitutes or likes the taste. If your prefer them to real sugar, please feel free to use them in the recipes instead.

For diabetics why are you using real sugar in the desserts and not a sugar substitute? Both my have been diabetic since before I can remember and I would never dream of using sugar in desert recipes for them. Everything seems good until you get to the completely missed the mark there.

It would behoove you to do some research on diabetic eating before making a statement like this There is nothing that says that a diabetic must eat fake sugar especially in desserts My boyfriend who is diabetic eats peanut butter cookies made with real sugar and rice krispie treats he is in great shape not overweight works out with weights x a week His doctor gave him a check up recently and commented how great he is doing He uses common sense he watches but doesn't buy into to all the fake fad obsessing over carb counts etc stuff The only thing he will watch his sugar on are two things soda which we both order diet drink only when dining out no one diabetic or not needs all that sugar well HFCS and syrup on the RARE occasion he will have A pancake during a breakfast dine out He eatsRead More a fair amount of cookies at a time and a nice helping of kripies treats BUT seldomly ever makes a oig of himself Hell he looks better the non diabetics his same age Oh and he hates the taste of splenda or fake sugar in things- would rather not have any sweets AND just because it's made with fake sugar doesn't mean you can eat all you want

My husband has diabetes and I just downloaded this free book . I have to tell you how pleased I am with 99% of the recipes. I love this book. Thank you so much.

Most of the recipes sound very good. A couple don't have the nutritional values listed. I have a problem with the Peach Cake recipe. 1. It has 48 grams of carbs. That is not diabetic friendly. It would be almost my whole meal allotment. 2. In the paragraph above it talks about the surprise ingredient being fruit cocktail. There is no fruit cocktail in the recipe. 3 When it talks about the fruit cocktail, it says draining the syrup off gets rid of the sugary content. Just buy fruit cocktail canned in water and you won't have that problem.

We apologize about the missing nutritional data and are constantly working on our site to ensure that information is included and up-to-date. With that in mind, it's important to follow your doctor-recommended diet. Our recipes are not meant to take the place of medical advice.

Also, regarding the missing nutritional information, please be sure to scroll all the way to the second page in each recipe in the eCookbook, as the nutritional info for some of the recipes was extended onto a second page.

I was able to find a couple recipes I can modify. You would make these recipes healthier if you could lower the sodium content. I don't have this disease, but do find many of these recipes helpful for one who HAS to cut sodium out of foods. Thanks

Thank you for your comment. We'll keep that in mind.

So excited, thanks for the free donwloads............Lgill


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